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Regional System of Protected Areas in Piura

Increasing wildlife ranges by enhancing connectivity among the region's ecosystems

NCI is focusing on creating and consolidating a Regional System of Protected Areas in the Piura Region with the involvement of local governments and INRENA, the Peruvian park service in order to ensure wildlife ranges increase by enhancing connectivity among the region’s ecosystems. Conservation efforts for endangered species, such as the White-Winged Guan and Peruvian Plant-cutter, are underway with participation of local communities and regional governments.

NCI is also coordinating with local and regional governments as well as the National Council of the Environment (CONAM) to establish a local system of environmental management and ecological and economic zoning. The initiative will provide both legal and technical support to local communities that initiate conservation measures to protect critical water sources in the region.

To further support the protection of these areas, NCI has implemented the DarwinNet project to effectively distribute information and make knowledge of tropical dry forests more accessible. DarwinNet is a binational initiative that aims to gather, analyze and disseminate information on the region’s dry forests, and stress the necessity of undertaking conservation measures.

Learn more about our work in the Tumbesian Dry Forests of Peru:


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