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Protecting the Andean Cloud Forests of Peru

Steep slopes and fragile soils make cloud forests highly susceptible to erosion

Andean cloud forests are critical to protect because of their extremely high biodiversity and because their steep slopes and fragile soils make them highly susceptible to erosion and degradation. In the past, their remoteness and difficult access kept these beautiful forests inaccessible, protecting them from human encroachment. Today, however, with modern techniques and equipment, these cloud forests are increasingly threatened as people cut secondary roads within the forests and clear large areas for short-term gains in agriculture or timber.

NCI is working to conserve these fragile and unique forests through the effective protection and management of key sites that will form a chain of protected areas the length of the ecosystem, complemented by appropriate community development plans that integrate conservation into new sustainable livelihoods for community members. NCI projects include strengthening national park and reserve management in northern Peruvian cloud forests, programs in Cuyas to conserve extremely rare western slope cloud forests, and a paramo conservation program.

Through a partnership with the Peruvian Association for the Conservation of Nature (APECO) and with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, NCI is helping to significantly strengthen management and protection of the three large protected areas in Peru’s northern montane forests – Río Abiseo National Park, Alto Mayo Forest, and the Cordillera de Colán Reserved Zone.

NCI is working to protect cloud forest parks nearly the size of Delaware

NCI has doubled the number of park personnel in these areas and has begun several sustainable development and social programs with neighboring communities. Conservation of these three protected areas, totaling 1.4 million acres or nearly the size of Delaware, forms the core of a conservation strategy for this entire ecosystem. More than 300 species of birds are found in these forests, of which 23 are threatened, including the Royal Sunangel hummingbird, the endemic Ochre-fronted Antpitta, and the rare Long-whiskered Owlet. One of the areas, the Rio Abiseo National Park, also harbors the endangered and endemic yellow-tailed wooly monkey and five endemic frog species.

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