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Our Track Record

A celebration
of our proudest achievements

Over the years, we have been working hard to conserve Earth's most biodiverse ecosystems. Amazon rainforests, rich cloud forests and tropical dry forests are critically threatened as never before, making targeted conservation initiatives crucial. Through growing programs in Ecuador, Peru and Mexico, we are addressing these challenges to our natural world and its life-support systems, and continue to make great strides in the protection of unique ecosystems while simultaneously strengthening local communities.

Below is a sampling of some of our proudest achievements. Please donate now so we can continue our record of success and save some of the planet's most extraordinary places.

  • Creating a Spectacular 2.6 Million Acre Biosphere Reserve
    In southern Ecuador, we successfully influenced the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to declare the spectacular 2.6 million acre Podocarpus - El Condor Biosphere Reserve. The region is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.
  • Safeguarding Drinking Water Supplies
    Our very active watershed protection program in southern Ecuador is helping to safeguard drinking water supplies for thousands of Ecuadorians while protecting unique ecosystems and generating funds for conservation, education and management.
  • Protecting 4.5 Million Acres of Amazon Rainforest
    Through our regional conservation program in northern Peru, 4.5 million acres of Amazon rainforest is now under protection, and we are diligently working to gain protected status for millions of additional acres in this pristine environment, much of which remains untouched.
  • Building Capacity Through Environmental Education
    Our environmental education program in Ecuador and Peru is building capacity among thousands of students and helping to create a new generation of conservationists that will promote the benefits of land preservation and the environmental services provided by intact ecosystems.
  • Protecting Highly Threatened Tropical Dry Forests
    Through our conservation efforts in the highly threatened Tropical Dry Forests of Ecuador, Peru and Mexico, an ecosystem that has lost 95% of its original extent due to human activities, we have purchased nearly 45,000 acres of well-preserved dry forest habitat and have created a number of private reserves. In Ecuador, we've purchased more endangered coastal dry forest than any other organization.
  • Income Generation Through Sustainable Development Initiatives
    Our sustainable development initiatives are helping to generate income for some of the poorest people in the region, while simultaneously helping to preserve outstanding ecosystems. Projects such as the development of an internationally-marketed perfume, the commercialization of native fruits, and the creation of a number of value-added products such as goat’s milk cheeses and honey from native bees, benefit conservation and improve livelihoods.
  • Increasing Wildlife Ranges and Enhancing Ecosystem Connectivity
    Together with local communities and regional governments we have created a regional system of protected areas in Piura, Peru to ensure wildlife ranges increase by enhancing connectivity among the region’s ecosystems. This effort is helping to protect endangered species, such as the White-Winged Guan and Peruvian Plant-cutter, two unique birds in the region.
  • Ecosystem Research in a Hotspot of Biodiversity
    In our 2,500 acre San Francisco Scientific Station located in a hotspot of biodiversity, 17 German and Ecuadorian universities conduct one of the largest ecosystem studies worldwide, investing $2.5 million a year in interdisciplinary study of tropical mountain forests and providing invaluable information regarding conservation and development to local farmers and communities, government officials, and policy makers.
  • Preserving Indigenous Cultures While Conserving Forests
    Our work with the indigenous Shuar people of the Amazon region has led to the creation of 37,500 acres of protected areas that conserve tropical humid and cloud forests in their ancestral territories while at the same time assisting in the preservation of their rich culture and history. Through our support, nine additional Shuar territories totaling nearly 40,000 acres have recently been given legal recognition and protection on the part of the State.
  • Acting Locally to Achieve a High Level of Efficiency
    Rather than maintaining offices in the US, we focus our resources in the countries where we work, enlisting Ecuadorian and Peruvian scientists and conservation professionals, many of whom come from the communities in which they work. This allows us to build strong relationships and a high level of trust with the local people, greatly increasing our effectiveness, and extending conservation dollars.


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