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700-acre Purchase Protects
Unique Cloud Forest Ecosystems

Through funding support from the World Land Trust and the Municipality of Zamora, we have purchased a well-preserved 700 acre property in the Rio Nea area of Zamora County, in order to enlarge a key municipal reserve that protects a highly biodiverse buffer zone of the Podocarpus National Park. The property’s unique cloud forest ecosystems in the Upper Amazon basin include the headwaters of the Nea River, which is the source of water for 10,000 people in the city of Zamora and surrounding towns. Read more...

Partnerships with Rotary Clubs and San Diego Zoo to Aid Conservation Efforts and Local Communities
Through the support of the Rotary Club of Loja, the Del Mar Rotary Club, the Del Mar-Solana Beach Sunrise Rotary Club, and the Zoological Society of San Diego, NCI will expand conservation, ecological research, and preventative community health efforts in and around its 19,100 acre Cazaderos Reserve in southwestern Ecuador. The reserve protects some of the best preserved tropical deciduous forest in Ecuador, a unique ecosystem which has already lost over 95% of its original extent. Read more...
Youth Eco Clubs Promote Conservation Efforts
Inspired by the work of other youth eco-clubs, NCI staff and local high school students in Zapotillo, Ecuador created the ecologically-themed youth group Eco Amigos in December of 2009. After observing poor solid waste management practices in the region, students wanted to know what actions could be taken to improve this system and to care for the environment in general. With NCI’s guidance, the group wrote a constitution, elected officers and under the name Eco Amigos began small projects to increase local environmental awareness. Since the club’s establishment, students have carried out community cleanups, the painting of ecological murals, the installation of garbage cans in the community and ecologically-themed cultural events. Read more...
Conserving Andean Forests and Paramos to Conserve Northwestern Peru’s Water Supply
The conservation of highland mountain tropical forests and paramo grasslands in the Piura region of northwestern Peru is critically important to a reliable water supply for the region’s inhabitants and to preserve lower elevation ecosystems such as wetlands and mangroves, dependent on these water resources. Ecosystems are currently imperiled by diminishing flows of fresh water from the Andes caused by deforestation, and in November the city of Piura declared a water emergency for the city, due to low levels of water in its reservoirs. Read more...


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