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Regulations Enacted to Protect Amazon Watersheds in Face of Emergency
In the face of the worst drought recorded in the Amazon River basin in over 100 years, the Regional Government of Loreto is implementing actions to protect 18 million acres of fragile headwater basins that are the lifeblood of the rainforest and its people. The government approved an ordinance to protect these headwaters in 2009, assisted by the government office of PROCREL (Program for Conservation, Management, and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity in Loreto) that NCI helps to manage. Read more...
NCI Expands Conservation Work to Cuenca Region
NCI is expanding its activities to the city of Cuenca and the province of Azuay to increase its support for the conservation of biodiversity, culture and environmental services in southern Ecuador. Vast forests still survive in this region, with abundant biodiversity and high endemism.The initiative has begun with an agreement between NCI and Cuenca’s water supply company, which for the past 11 years has successfully managed the Cajas National Park to provide valuable environmental services, particularly for drinking water. Read more...
Southern Ecuador Water Fund Partners with Local Association to Protect Watersheds
FORAGUA, the southern Ecuador regional water fund spearheaded by NCI, has signed a technical cooperation agreement with “Bosque Seco,” an association of five municipalities in the southwestern region of the Province of Loja, Ecuador. The agreement allows FORAGUA to implement a number of programs and projects to protect water resources, ecosystems and biodiversity. Read more...
NCI Promotes Project to Replace Corn with Shade Grown Coffee
With funding support from the Belgian Forestry Fund, NCI and the Municipality of Pindal, Ecuador have signed a collaboration agreement for the implementation of a pilot project to convert cornfields into shade grown coffee plantations in the Papalango watershed, the main water source for the municipality. The project has been in development since last year and has already been successful with landowners, many of whom had suffered economic losses after destroying their old coffee plants to plant corn due to a temporary spike in corn prices resulting from international demand for biofuels. Read more...

New Photos Reveal the Beauty of the Amazonas Region of Peru
The Amazonas Region of Peru is an area of striking beauty and contrasting landscapes. Here, NCI is working together with local governments and organizations to carry out a number of projects such as the creation of a regional system of conservation areas, the creation of the 17,000 acre Tilacancha Private Conservation Area, which protects the water source for the city of Chachapoyas, the promotion of native Amazon fish farms to increase nutrition, employment, and sustainable income and the creation of a private conservation area to protect a globally unique 25,000 acre palm forest. Thanks to professional photographer, Alexander (Sasha) Vasiljev, who recently volunteered with NCI, a collection of stunning and beautiful photos of the region is now available. Please enjoy the photos here.



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