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The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to charities that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness.

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Bimonthly Newsletters

Approximately every two months we put out a newsletter describing our recent achievements and successes. View them below to learn more about our conservation and sustainable development work.

May 2011
Regional Protected Areas in Peru to Conserve Millions of Acres of Diverse Ecosystems || Ecuadorian Government Backs Process to Create Cajas Biosphere Reserve || Conserving the Ecuadorian Amazon || Thirty-two New Plant Species Discovered at NCI’s San Francisco Scientific Station
March 2011
Rio Nea – Protecting Watersheds and Biodiversity through the Expansion of a Municipal Reserve || Partnerships with Rotary Clubs and San Diego Zoo to Aid Conservation Efforts and Local Communities || Youth Eco Clubs Promote Conservation Efforts || and more...
January 2011
Water Fund to Receive US$500,000 for Reforestation || NCI and RARE Inspiring Southern Ecuador Communities to Conserve Natural Resources || NCI and World Land Trust Form Conservation Partnership || Repeating Conservation Successes in the Peruvian Amazon || and more...
October 2010
Regulations Enacted to Protect Amazon Watersheds in Face of Emergency || NCI Expands Conservation Work to Cuenca Region || Southern Ecuador Water Fund Partners with Local Association to Protect Watersheds || NCI Promotes Project to Replace Corn with Shade Grown Coffee || and more...
July 2010
In Memoriam Bolívar Tello – An Inspiration to All of Us || Legal Timber Fetches Five Times Market Price || $1.5 million in Public Funds to Support Innovative Conservation and Bioknowledge Program || NCI Collaborates to Create Peru’s First Private Watershed Conservation Area || and more...
May 2010
NCI Local Partner FUNACE Conserves 10,000 Acres of Endangered Forest || Natura and NCI Join Forces to Conserve 7,500 Acres in Southwestern Ecuador || NCI Helping to Save Peruvian Paramos || Native Amazon Fish Farms Increase Nutrition, Employment, and Sustainable Income || and more...
March 2010
NCI Ranks as Top Conservation Funder for Ecuador || Southern Ecuador Water Fund Adds Municipalities and Protects More Forests || San Diego Zoo Partners with NCI to Promote Living Forest Carbon Offset Program || NCI Private Reserve Will Help Solve Land Tenure Conflicts within Podocarpus National Park || and more...
January 2010
Watershed Protection in Southern Ecuador || 325,000 Acres of Conservation Areas in Northwestern Peru || New PROCREL Executive Director Hired || Promoting Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Goods & Services Industry in Ecuador || Inspiring Communities to Conserve Natural Resources || and more...
September - October 2009
Helping to Create Conservation Area around World’s 5th Highest Waterfall || Protecting Water Resources in the Peruvian Amazon || Helping to Empower a New Generation of Environmentalists || Sharing Successes within Ecuador’s Biosphere Reserves || and more...
July - August 2009
NCI Helps to Save Earth’s Wettest Forest || Creating Economic Incentives for Conservation || Fish Farms Benefitting People & Nature || NCI Working to Protect Unique Palm Forest in Peru || and more...
May - June 2009
Jambue Private Reserve Created || One Million Acre Conservation Area Recognized in Peruvian Amazon || Work Initiated to Declare New UNESCO Biosphere Reserve || Traditional Foods Festival a Showcase of Agro-Biodiversity || and more...
March - April 2009
Regional Water Fund Nearly Finalized || Rare Ivory Palm Forests Protected || Shade Grown Coffee to Protect Corn || Managing Species Rich Cloud Forests || Expanding and Protecting Conservation Areas in Peru
January - February 2009
Baskets for Better Lives || Solana Beach to Protect Tropical Forest || Protecting Threatened Coastal Areas || German Ambassador Visits NCI || NCI Among the Best

November - December 2008
2.4 million acre regional conservation area created in Peruvian Amazon || Watershed protection program a continued success || Binational science fair showcases projects from Peru and Ecuador || NCI launches new website || and more...

September - October 2008
Four community reserves formed || Palo Santo project receives certificate of ecological operation || Ten years of research from NCI's San Francisco Scientific Station presented || Conservation of the Dry Forests of Mexico || Forest conservation in Peru || and more...

July - August 2008
Management of Loja's watershed turned over to municipality || Impacts of corn cultivation in the dry forests || Legalization of Shuar territories || Potential new purchase of dry forest in southwest Ecuador


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