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San Diego Zoo Partners with NCI to Promote Living Forest Carbon Offset Program
March 2010

Protecting 25,000 acres of critically endangered forest in southwestern Ecuador

NCI and the San Diego Zoo have joined forces to protect 25,000 acres of critically endangered deciduous tropical forest in southwestern Ecuador through the Living Forest Carbon Offset Program. The program not only allows people to donate to protect important tropical forest, but it will also ensure the future provision of ecosystem services including carbon sequestration, clean and abundant water, and biodiversity. The funds will Gray cheeked parrotalso cover developing a management plan and incorporating local communities to ensure long-term forest protection.

This tropical forest area forms a vital corridor between NCI’s La Ceiba Reserve, nearby community reserves, and the Biosphere Reserve of Northwestern Peru; connectivity that is critical for the survival of endemic flora and fauna that live in this small and isolated area. However, production of biofuels and other degradation activities severely threaten this pristine forest. Currently, only 5% of the original extent of Ecuador’s tropical deciduous forests remains, making this program of utmost importance.


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