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NCI Helps to Save Earth's Wettest Forest
July/August 2009

The single greatest concentration of endemic birds and orchids on the planet

Nature & Culture International is supporting ProAves Foundation of Colombia to purchase key properties crucial to maintaining biodiversity connectivity in the Chocó forest of western Colombia, the world’s wettest forest supporting the single greatest concentration of endemic birds and orchids on the planet. It is also home to the Awá indigenous community that currently occupies a series of disconnected indigenous reserves, which this purchase will help to link. The harsh climate (over 23 feet of rainfall per year) and rugged topography have allowed this species-rich ecosystem to remain intact. However, recent development and road construction threatens this once pristine forest. With ProAves, NCI hopes to acquire additional lands from non-native colonists to conserve important corridors crucial to the protection of this megadiverse Chocó forest hotspot. Our program will connect three indigenous reserves across three paved highways, ensuring the long-term protection of both the Awá culture in this region and the area’s rich biodiversity.

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