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Ecuador - Saving Andean, Amazonian, and Dry Forest Ecosystems in one of the world's biodiversity priorities


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Our Ecuador Program

NCI’s conservation program focuses on Ecuador, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Ecuador has one of the world’s highest concentrations of species and species endemism along with human communities with great cultural diversity and knowledge about these biological resources. In fact, Ecuador ranks #1 in the world for number of species per square mile.

Ecuador’s natural ecosystems, however, are facing tremendous threats, with one of the highest deforestation rates in Latin America. Its communities are increasingly affected by global market changes, poor management of the country’s natural resources, and poor alternatives for sustainable development.

We work through a local staff and with local governments and communities to conserve a wide range of natural ecosystems from dry coastal forests, to the rich cloud forests of the Andean mountains, to the rainforests of the Amazon basin.

Learn more about our conservation programs in Ecuador

Tumbesian Tropical Dry Forests
This southwest Ecuadorian forest type, characterized by trees that lose their leaves during the dry season, is a high priority for conservation of biodiversity worldwide. NCI works within a cross-border geographic area containing about 250,000 acres of the best remnants of this threatened ecosystem, which is characterized by a large number of endemic species.
Andean Cloud Forests
Andean cloud forests are the world’s highest biodiversity priority with the greatest number of endemic species. NCI is working to conserve these areas, and in 2007 we succeeded in gaining the declaration by UNESCO of one million hectares of Andean cloud forests as a biosphere reserve to conserve the pristine forests of the Loja and Zamora regions and a number of local cultures.
Upper Amazon Rainforests
The Amazon regions of Ecuador present unique characteristics, due to their great biological diversity and ancestral cultures. Timber, minerals, and other natural resources are often exploited without any planning to reduce the impacts on the natural environment. NCI works with indigenous populations here to build capacity, legalize ancestral lands, and preserve cultures and traditions.
Watershed Protection
A growing population in southern Ecuador has led to an increasing frequency in water shortages and a decline in water quality due to development activies within the region's watersheds. NCI purchases high-priority lands to protect the water supplies for thousands of citizens, and works with local governments to establish effective conservation and management programs.

Ecuador Office & Headquarters
Av. Pío Jaramillo A. y Venezuela
Loja - Ecuador
P.O. Box 1101-332
Phone: (593) 7 2573691 / 2573623


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