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Promoting an open exchange of information regarding dry forest ecosystems

DarwinNet ( is a regularly-updated website that facilitates the exchange of information regarding biodiversity, conservation and sustainable development within the dry forests of Peru and Ecuador. The major objectives of the initiative are as follows:

  • To establish mechanisms for the distribution and circulation of information about the region;
  • To enhance knowledge and increase awareness and interest in the region;
  • To standardize and organize relevant information about the region; and
  • To increase communication between key players

DarwinNet was formed after a Biodiversity Agreement between Ecuador and Peru was ratified, requiring the two countries to set up a clearinghouse mechanism to facilitate the exchange of information. The binational initiative will help communities, institutions, and administrators of reserves and protected areas in both countries make more informed decisions on use and development policies and the conservation of biodiversity in the region. The site especially focuses on the key players of approximately ten recognized Important Bird Areas (IBAs), among whom it promotes an open exchange of experiences and information through training courses and meetings on high-priority subjects such as cross-border traffic of wild species.


Learn more about our work in the Tumbesian Dry Forests of Ecuador:




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