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Forest Conservation at the Cazaderos Natural Reserve

The most pristine dry forest of Ecuador

NCI has purchased about 19,000 acres in the Cazaderos area of tropical deciduous forest in southwestern Ecuador bordering Peru. These purchases have initiated conservation activities in the most pristine dry forest of Ecuador that is a conservation priority both globally and within the Ecuadorian government. This area of forest forms a corridor between the La Ceiba Reserve, nearby community reserves, and the Biosphere Reserve of Northwestern Peru. This connectivity is important for the survival of endemic flora and fauna that live in this isolated and small area. However, production of biofuels and other degradation activities highly threaten this pristine forest.

NCI plans to extend the protected area to cover 25,000 acres of this forest. NCI is partnering with the City of Solana Beach and the San Diego Zoo to raise funds for this effort.

The many animals that live in this area include the Mantled Howler Monkey, Peccary, and Boa constrictor in addition to dear, pumas and many of the most threatened bird species of the region. Accodring to the botanist Eduardo Cueva, there are several possibilities in this forest for discovery of new plant species, some of which could have medicinal benefits for humans.



Learn more about our work in the Tumbesian Dry Forests of Ecuador:




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