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Nature & Culture International is dedicated to the conservation of biological and cultural diversity. We act locally to protect highly biodiverse and threatened ecosystems through concrete actions with local staff.

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Saving Endangered Ecosystems

The world’s forests are disappearing at an unprecedented rate, and every acre gone translates into lost habitat for a great variety of plant and animal species. Nature & Culture International helps protect unique areas by buying land to create private reserves, and by working with governments and communities to create protected areas in some of the most biodiverse regions of the Americas.

Tropical Dry Forests

Tropical Dry ForestsA high biodiversity priority due to high rates of habitat loss, and unique species, many of which are now endangered.

Learn more about our work in the Tropical Dry Forests


Amazon Rainforests

Amazon RainforestsAn extremely vast and species-rich ecosystem, providing critical life-support functions to the planet.

Learn more about our work in the Amazon Rainforests


Tropical Andes

Tropical AndesThe world’s number one biodiversity priority, with an enormous wealth of endangered and restricted-range species.

Learn more about our work in the Tropical Andes



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