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Nature and Culture International Needs Your Help!

Time is running out to save some of the most spectacular places on the planet

Your donations are crucial to save our planet. Please help us save some of the last remaining tropical forest ecosystems. These forests, together with their huge biodiversity, are being destroyed at an alarming rate – and time is running out! You can help us by donating now to save acres at a remarkably low price.

One dollar from you is worth more than 10 dollars to us!

When you contribute a dollar to Nature and Culture International, it goes a long way. Since we buy land at local prices and work with in-country groups, a dollar donated grows in value to as much as 10 dollars or more compared to its effect in the US. Here's how:

NCI spends over 90% of its budget within project countries and keeps its expenses in the United States to a minimum. Your dollar immediately expands to five dollars, simply because costs of operations in South America are one-fifth what they would be in the United States.

Also, once we establish a program in a country, we are able to attract grants from governments and other organizations totaling several dollars for every one dollar of unrestricted funding. The one dollar you give NCI quickly jumps in value to 10 dollars!

That one dollar from you then grows even more valuable, because we empower local people to take charge of their own destiny. They know best how to set priorities. The staff of NCI comes from the region, and they are able to work closely with local organizations and governments. And they are much more efficient than we ever could be sitting in Washington D.C. or California.

How much more? Perhaps twice. Perhaps 10 times. Perhaps 100 times. Read our current news and decide for yourself.

Finally, if your contribution is unrestricted (that is, not tied to any specific NCI project) it will go directly into NCI's core activities, enabling us to start offices in new uncovered areas, and innovative new programs, such as conservation of the dry forest of the Upper Maranon Valley in Peru, or the lush cloud forest of the Nangaritza Valley in Ecuador -- both expansions initiated in 2008.

How much is this worth? You decide.

Donate Online

Click here to make a donation online and help support our programs.

Donate By Mail

Please send checks to:
Nature & Culture International
1400 Maiden Lane
Del Mar, California 92014

Donate Stocks

Please contact us at info@natureandculture.org for instructions for your broker.

Make a Bequest

Your bequest to Nature and Culture International will make a permanent contribution to our mission to save habitats and biodiversity internationally, in a way that supports local communities. Sample language is: "I bequeath (a percentage of the estate remainder, or a dollar amount) to Nature and Culture International to support their conservation programs." For more information, please write us at: Bequest officer, 1400 Maiden Lane, Del Mar, CA 92014 or info@natureandculture.org




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