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What's an "offset?"

       Activities in your everyday life add to the emissions that pollute the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

     You can help stop global warming as well as save valuable tropical rainforests by contributing to our Living Forest program. This is referred to as a "carbon offset" because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

     Your offsets go directly to save ancient tropical forests that would otherwise be deforested.

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Become a Carbon Neutral Company

Make your business or facility you own carbon neutral by offsetting your emissions to reduce your environmental footprint. Carbon emissions are caused by everyday business activities such as energy use for heating and cooling, electricity, transportation and business travel. These carbon emissions can then damage the environment and the world we live in by causing climate change and related problems.

Instructions – Simply complete the following fields for electricity, fuel consumption and business travel to estimate your carbon emissions. Then click on the donate button to offset your emission and go carbon neutral!

Nature & Culture International
Business Carbon Emissions Calculator

Employee Travel - Car
Total yearly car miles:
(All your cars combined)
Average gas mileage (miles per gallon):
(All your cars averaged)
Employee Travel - Air
Yearly air miles traveled:
(Note: NYC to LA round trip is 5,000 miles)
Business Energy use: Use either METHOD A or METHOD B
           METHOD A (estimate)
Enter Total Square Footage:
           METHOD B (more precise)
Average monthly electric bill: (US $)
Average monthly natural gas bill:
Average monthly fuel oil bill:
Your Total Emissions Estimate
upadae TOTAL  
Metric tons of carbon dioxide  
How many years do you want to offset?  
Recommended Living Forest Carbon Offsets:  
(each acre offsets at least 18.2 metric tons)  

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How does this Calculator work?
This calculator estimates your total carbon emissions based primarily on USEPA emissions data (www.epa.gov). We calculate the emission of air travel by using the average medium-flight figure of .45 lbs of CO2 per air mile from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Figures are shown in metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The cost of an emissions offset is $5 per metric ton of avoided carbon emissions through the purchasing and protecting acres of tropical forest through nature and culture International's in-country conservation programs.

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